Friday, February 21, 2014

Rep. Ed Sullivan: It's Time We Got Government Out Of The Way Of Small Business

State Representative Ed Sullivan - who is known as a strong fiscal conservative - has come out fighting for the Illinois economy.  He wants to head back to Springfield to help create more jobs, more opportunities, and ultimate an even better Illinois.

He specifically wants to tackle issues that affect small businesses and transportation:
It's time we got government out of the way of small business so entrepreneurs can create good-paying jobs. To accomplish this we need to reduce the cost of doing business in Illinois. I am proud to have written the law that reformed unemployment insurance, saving 50% of Illinois businesses in unemployment insurance costs. We must do more. This means actually reforming workers compensation, further addressing unemployment insurance, and reducing the burden onerous litigation places on businesses.

Then, we need to look towards the future by investing in desperately-needed transportation improvements. I voted for the current capital program that is in place, but much more is needed including the Route 53 extension. And as our budgetary situation improves, I hope to invest much more in our transportation so we can reduce gridlock and take advantage of Illinois' competitive advantage as the transportation hub of the Midwest.
Let's help him.  You can volunteer for his campaign here.
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