Friday, February 28, 2014

And Now for Something Completely Different…

Posted by: The Ghost of Babe Woodyard

Following politics is stressful.  As you can imagine, not all politicians are as fun to cover as say a guy like DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan.  Unfortunately for us here at the Truth Team....most folks running for office can actually spell. 

So let’s take a little break from the constant clowning on politicians and clown on something a bit different.

In what seems to be a degenerate adult version of capture the flag, a couple Quincy area motorcycle gangs got into it over some motorcycle gang vests. I have always thought motorcycle gang vest are quite hideous and normally the patches are scary, but to each their own.
Timothy E. Jackson, 56, of Roodhouse, was convicted of aggravated robbery and robbery charges after a four-day trial. Jackson was the first of three members of the Midwest Percenters motorcycle club to take the stand in his own defense. He was one of four club members who penned in two members of the Tunnel Rats motorcycle club, demanding they hand over their leather club vests. One of the victims said Joseph E. Teel pointed a gun at his fellow Tunnel Rats' head and yelled, "Take them off, or I'll blow your (expletive) head off."
Crazy right? Percenters vs Tunnel Rats! Threatening a life over a lousy vest, probably made in China! But it turns out they had good the greatest reason.
Jackson said that the Tunnel Rats members needed to be disciplined because they had driven past a group of Percenters members and made a derogatory hand gesture toward them. One of the victims testified that Jackson yelled, "This isn't a (expletive) game. We'll (expletive) kill you. Give us your (expletive) cuts." Jackson was one of the leaders of the club and was dubbed "the Warlord."
If anyone runs into a Percenter member - probably at a Mark Twain event - ask them if they voted to make Jackson a warlord!?!?

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