Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stephanie Kifowit Supports Tax Increases

Stephanie Kifowit - Hasn't seen a tax increase she won't vote for!
Stephanie Kifowit, a Democrat from Aurora is running for election in the 84th Legislative District in Illinois.  Her opponent, Pat Fee has come out and pledged to vote to repeal the Pat Quinn 67% Income Tax increase that Kifowit won't support.  Why?  Because she's heavily supported by Chicago Mike - House Speaker Mike Madigan - and as one of his cronies, Kifowit doesn't do anything that Mike Madigan doesn't want.

From Pat Fee's Tax Repeal Site:
Democrat Stephanie Kifowit is supported by Pat Quinn and Chicago Speaker Michael Madigan and that’s why she opposes an immediate repeal of the 67% income tax increase.
And unfortunately, there’s more to this taxing story.
During Kifowit’s 9 years on the Aurora City Council, property taxes have increased by 49% and she even increased the taxes on emergency medical care.
Do you live near Aurora?  Get involved with Pat Fee by signing her Tax Repeal Petition today!
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