Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dem Watch: But What About The Pension, Natalie Manley?

Natalie Manley - who is running for Illinois State Representative in the 98th House District pulled a typical campaign stunt:  make a claim that no one will argue with, but avoid talking about the *real* issue.

In this case, Natalie Manley said that - if elected - she'd vote to cut her own pay by 10%.

Well...isn't that nice.  She'd vote to do something that would never like me see the light of day?  Come on, now.  Call me a cynic, but I'm guessing that there isn't ever going to be a bill that calls for a 10% reduction in legislator pay.  They already vote to skip their cost-of-living adjustments.  But reduce the pay?  Please.  She'll never have the chance to vote for it.

But...the bigger question is:  What about the legislative pension, Natalie Manley?  If you're so keen on doing your part to solve the fiscal crisis in Illinois, what about saying that you'd give up your generous legislative pension if you are elected?

Not so forth-coming on something that effects you personally, eh Natalie?  
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