Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jerry Costello Jr. - A Consistent Vote for Chicago Democrats

Did you look at your tax bill?  Notice the big increase in Illinois State income taxes?   We sure did.  Who can we thank?  Guys like State Representative Jerry Costello Jr.

While most of us were asleep at home, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and the Democrats in the Illinois House rammed through a 67% increase in our income taxes.  No...not 2% or 5% or even 10%.  It was...67%.  

And guess who supports Jerry Costello Jr. for State Representative this fall?  The same guys who jammed through the tax hike:  Pat Quinn and Chicago Speaker Mike Madigan.  To bring some clarity to just exactly where Jerry Costello Jr's loyalties stand one only has to look at Jerry Costello Jr's voting record:
Jerry Costello, Jr. is supported by Pat Quinn and Chicago Speaker Michael Madigan –the very same Chicago politicians that passed the 67% income tax increase. 
In fact, Jerry Costello, Jr. voted with Pat Quinn and Michael Madigan nearly 80% of the time! 
And now, Jerry Costello, Jr. refuses to sign a commitment to repeal the tax increase. looks like it might get worse.  Can Illinois tolerate more Jerry Costello Jr. in the Statehouse?  
Jerry Costello, Jr has received over $100,000 in cash and services from Michael Madigan and special interests that support raising taxes. And has already refused to sign a pledge to repeal the Pat Quinn-Michael Madigan 67% income tax increase.

Costello, Jr has not opposed the Madigan Property Tax Increase Plan.
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