Thursday, September 6, 2012

SunTimes: "Mike Madigan's January pension scenario could lead to big property tax hike"

Dave McKinney, reporting from the DNC in Charlotte, picks up on Illinois House and Senate GOP Leadership's thoughts on Chicago Speaker Mike Madigan's bad plan to jam a bad pension bill down  the throats of Illinois residents.
"We fear that Democrat leaders' recent comments about passing a pension reform bill in January with Democrat-only votes will lead to a massive property tax increase, just like they shoved through the largest income tax increase on Illinois residents two years ago," Cross and Radogno's joint statement said.

That's the Chicago way, isn't it?  Speaker Mike Madigan knows that when he can't get his way, he'll just take his ball and go home and do whatever he wants.  Regardless of what the people of Illinois want.

You can read the full Cross & Radogno statement here.
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