Thursday, January 23, 2014

10 Reactions to the News That Mike Frerichs Lied in His Own Announcement Video

We thought it would be a nice way to recap today's events by looking around the State of Illinois and getting reactions from those who are involved in Illinois Politics.  

Without delay, here's 10 reactions to the news that Mike Frerichs lied in his own campaign announcement video: 

1.  Reporters around the state couldn't help themselves when they heard the news:

2.  Democrat donors who have given Mike Frerichs campaign cash weren't happy:

3.  Sheila Simon was so pleased that she wasn't the Democrat Ticket laughingstock any more:

4.  President Barack Obama got a chuckle out the fact that he heard Mike Frerichs fancied himself a 'mover and shaker' and wanted more than the Treasurer's office:

5.  The College Democrats were surprised, to say the least:

6.  The highest profile therapist in Champaign, Illinois was thrilled because he's going to be able to bill a shit-ton of hours trying to get this message through to the candidate:

7.  Bob Grogan felt relief that it was finally NOT him getting laughed at in the Treasurer's Race:

8.  The Frerichs campaign staff started shaking in their boots trying to figure our who was going to get the ax:

9.  Mike Frerichs' colleagues in the State Senate who have seen this all before and aren't surprised:

10.  And us here at the Truth Team.  Well...we felt happy.  Happy to have a bunch of new content we can create and deliver over the next week:  

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