Friday, January 17, 2014

Tom Cross Outraises Both Opponents in Treasurer's Race. Combined.

With this one chart tweeted out by Joe Walsh, the horserace in the Illinois Treasurer's race has a clear leader:  Tom Cross.

Treasurer's Candidate Tom Cross outraises both of his opponents combined and continues to show strong momentum heading into the primary against DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan.

Tom Cross released a statement:
“Our message of honestly balancing the budget and cracking down on fraud and corruption is being embraced by voters across the state in a demonstrable way. Our thousands of supporters and donors have catapulted our campaign to being the top fundraising campaign for Treasurer, raising significantly more than my two opponents combined total. While my donors largely represent hardworking Illinois families, the majority of my opponent Mike Frerich’s donors are Big Labor bosses. The contrast between the two of us is clear, I am the only candidate focused on policies that benefit everyday Illinois citizens who are tired of the status quo and want a real, proven fiscal watchdog in the office of treasurer.”
Democrat and Labor Union Stooge Mike Frerichs can't be happy with this development.  He's getting all of his money by being a toadie for the Big Labor Bosses and he still can't outraise the Republicans.

On the GOP side...

We've already covered Bob Grogan's fundraising shenanigans (and how even conservative Republicans are questioning his accounting practices), but we imagine it went something like this in the Grogan house:  

BG:  "Hey Honey...I'm heading out to the Wauconda GOP Meeting tonight.  Don't stay up.  I'll be late."

BG's wife: "Bob, Dear?  I just opened up the statement from the bank and it says that we're down $50K in our retirement?  That the money just disappeared.  What happened to it?"

BG:  "Well...I needed it for the campaign.  But..don't worry.  I'm just playing accounting games and want to puff up the appearance of my campaign by making people think that I have more money in the campaign account than I really do."

BG's wife: "What the what?  You did what?   That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.   You will march right down to that bank and put that money back."

BG:  "But..honey.  I want to be one of the big boys.  I want to wear the big boy pants for once."

BG's wife:  "I don't care.  Just go fix this. big boy pants for you."

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