Monday, January 13, 2014

Where in the World is Bob "No Audit" Grogan?

The questions about his job performance and the appearance of conflicts of interests in his securing endorsements from politicians that he audits.  But, for Bob Grogan - candidate for Illinois Treasurer - the issues keep coming.

This time RedState is asking questions about whether Bob Grogan actually is showing up for work as the DuPage County Auditor?
Are the political aspirations of DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan distracting him from his current responsibilities? Apparently so. Throughout the course of October, numerous attempts to reach the candidate for Illinois state treasurer at his county auditor’s office resulted in failure. This was not a fluke. Out of ten calls placed on ten different days in a single month, the auditor could only be reached at the office once. Bob Grogan’s staff did not provide viable reasons for his unavailability, but did make it clear he was not in his office. And not once did his staff suggest he would return later in the day.
...If the auditor was not conducting fieldwork, what was he doing throughout those numerous mid-afternoons away from his office? If these absences occurred a nine times in a just a single month, how many other times was the auditor absent unbeknownst to the public? How often does the county auditor actually show up for work? Does he work full time at as county auditor? Have these absences affect the productivity of the entire county auditor’s office? Could a more reliable attendance pattern have exposed the DuPage County Housing Authority, DuPage County Election Commission, and DuPage Water Commission scandals before millions of taxpayer dollars were lost?
The read the full piece here on RedState.

To be perfectly honest...We've seen Bob all around the campaign trail.  He's been pretty visible and is running a grassroots campaign at GOP events.  Connecting the dots here...Bob hasn't been working.  He's been campaigning, it seems?

In fact, in one of his recent endorsements from Senator Tim Bivens, Grogan calls out in Facebook a quote from Bivens which might explain where Bob's been.  It says:
"I've been following this guy... all over the state and in our district I see him everywhere."

See the Facebook post embedded below.  

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