Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bob Grogan: Please Audit your Facebook Posts

Posted by: The Ghost of Babe Woodyard

It certainly seems to be one thing to misspell your name on your announcement press release (which Bob Grogan has done!  You'll recall that Bob Groan is running for the office of Treasurer for the State of Illinois.). But...It is another level to have so many simple spelling and grammar mistakes on a daily basis that you have become more of a punchline than Blago’s hair.

For your consideration, here is Bob Grogan's second "can you find the error" post in as many days.  You'll recall, yesterday, we highlighted this mess of a press release.  Today?  Let's look at his Facebook post.  (a hint is at the bottom of this post in meme form!)

Bob, please audit your posts.*  It is really starting to get embarrassing for all of us Republicans. As a candidate for office, you represent us all. Please start acting/posting like it.

Related to this, does anyone trust him looking at 'the books' if he can’t complete a sentence without screwing it up? Maybe the Truth Team needs to send DuPage Auditor Grogan a case of Whiteout?

*Editor's Note:  We wish to note that the editorial team doesn't actually hope that Bob Grogan will comply with this directive given by TGoBW.  We won't have as much material if he does...

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