Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bob Grogan: The Most Meme-able Man in the World?

DuPage County Auditor and Illinois Treasurer's candidate Bob Grogan posted a video of a recent stump speech on YouTube this week.  You can see the full video here if you'd like.  We have to admit...Bob is pretty funny on the stump, but that's not the real reason to watch it.

The real reason?  He takes note of our work here at the Truth Team!

Yeah!  That's right, he talks about how he is "The Most Meme-able Man in the World".  (Although, some folks here on the editorial team of the Illinois Truth Team will tell you that such a distinction actually falls to Mike Frerichs.)

We thought we'd take a closer look at Bob's speech:

Hooray!  Bob Grogan seems to like our photoshop efforts!  Pretty great that he's paying attention.

To honor Bob's campaign, we thought it would be interesting if we could get the Truth Team community to participate in a little photoshop contest.

We've posted a .psd file of Bob Grogan that has a transparent background.

Go grab it, download it and get busy!

Let's see what you creative geniuses can come up with.  Send them in:

We'll post them as we get them!
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