Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bruce Rauner Attacks Amp Up - Will the Shakedown Express Move Voters?

If you read any Illinois political news (and if you're reading the stuff we put up on the Truth Team, we're guessing you're a political you're reading A LOT of political news), you've undoubtably been seeing the oncoming assault that is the multi-pronged Bruce Rauner attack machine.

One of the key pieces of that attack is a targeted mailer sent to Republican voters.  The folks here at the Truth Team got our hands on a copy of the mailer yesterday.  It has been called 'wordy' by others, but we had no idea just *how* wordy it really was.

It is also massive.  Here's a shot to show you what it looks like compared to a normal magazine.  It towers over it in size.

A few of us have tried to go through it, but is hard to deal with.  We know some seniors love getting mail and probably still read their local newspaper that gets tossed onto their driveway every week from cover-to-cover, so this will probably be right in their wheelhouse.  But for us?  We knew it was coming, so there wasn't any surprise factor to it.  But for most of the Truth just doesn't move us all that much.   There were, however, a few folks in the Truth Team office that really like the piece and think it'll have an impact.

In addition to that mail piece and to the tv spots (as covered here by Jay Levine on CBS), there have begun to be some digital display ads.  In fact, you can likely see them right here on the Truth Team.  We took a screenshot to show the ads.  Targeting at it's finest?!?  (hint, hint, candidates....if you want to reach folks who are all over Illinois politics, drop us a line!)

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