Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Congressman Mike Quigley Gets Visit from Roosevelt University

Turns out, Paul Green isn't the only thing that Roosevelt University is known for when it comes to Illinois Politics.  (Although..he's a pretty great person to be 'known for' if you ask us!)

You may know Paul Green from being the Director of the Institute for Politics and Arthur Rubloff Professor of Policy Studies at Roosevelt University. He is also the Political Analyst for WGN Radio and guest columnist for CCB.

Congressman Mike Quigley just posted on his Facebook wall a proud photo of himself and Roosevelt President Chuck Middleton.  The Congressman is holding a Roosevelt University t-shirt that includes the phrase:  GO FORTH. DO WELL. DO GOOD.

We've been watching Congressman Quigley a bit closer now that his district has creeped out into the Western Suburbs.  A few members of the Truth Team reside out there - close to his district.  To date, we're pleased to report that he's - from what we have seen/heard - gone out of his way to make himself available in the far flung areas of his District.  Good on him.  We sure hope he keeps it up. 
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