Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Doug Truax Wants/Needs Jim Oberweis to Show Up for Debates

GOP Senate hopeful Doug Truax has come out swining in a press release where he calls on his primary opponent - Jim Oberweis - to stand up and debate him mano-a-mano.  

In the release, Truax campaign details how Oberweis has been 'ducking' any joint appearance.
Jim Oberweis has dodged all joint appearances covered live by the news media. He has turned down or failed to answer invitations to appear with Truax on WGN AM 720, WLS AM 890 and WTTW-Chicago Tonight television. 
“Someone who wants to be U.S. Senator can’t be afraid to debate his opponent,” said Truax, a West Point and Army Ranger school grad, Army veteran and successful businessman. “Jim Oberweis is trying to win the nomination solely on his past, failed name identification. That shows a lack of respect for Republican voters.” 
When Truax challenged Oberweis at a joint appearance before the Chicago Tribune editorial board Feb. 10, Oberweis denied he was ducking debates. However, since then he has made no attempt to confirm invitations and he remains uncommitted to any media appearances with Truax. 
“Jim Oberweis says he’s learned from past campaign mistakes but it looks like he’s the same old Jim Oberweis — disdainful to voters and seeking to buy his legitimacy,” Truax added. “We need something better if we want to turn around Illinois and America."
Why has Oberweis been less than up-front with being willing to debating Traux?  Could be that he's seeing the same polling information we've seen.  The Chicago Tribune had him up big over Truax:
Though he has yet to spend much money this time out, Oberweis has 88 percent name recognition among Republican voters. That’s due to not only the family’s namesake dairy stores, but also the millions of his own money that Oberweis spent during one campaign for governor and two U.S. Senate bids that date to 2002. Oberweis also lost special and general election bids for Congress before breaking through with a state Senate win in November 2012. […] 
Despite that, the poll indicated little voter fatigue among Republicans over Oberweis’ ambitious and frequent attempts to win public office and the sometimes controversial gaffes he committed along the way. 
As we've said many times, we think 2014 gives the GOP a shot to take back some of the offices.  What happens if the MilkMan is at the top of the ticket running against Dick Durbin?  If we get the 'same old  Jim Oberweis', it isn't going to help.

Talk about the ultimate 1%'er ticket:  Bruce Rauner - mega-millionaire for Governor, and Jim Oberweis - mega-millionaire who's wife lives in Florida to avoid taxes for Senate.

That's surely a ticket that'll help down ballot folks?

Let's help Doug Truax compete and win the primary.  Head over to his site and lend a hand.
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