Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tom Cross - Illinois Candidate for Treasurer - Endorsed by Daily Herald

Fresh off picking up the endorsement of the Homer Township Republicans and the Northfield Township GOP, Republican Candidate for Illinois Treasurer Tom Cross has been endorsed by the Daily Herald.

The Daily Herald's endorsement said:
Cross would take a different approach. He believes the state treasurer could do more to influence the legislative leaders and the governor to pass and sign a balanced budget. Given his previous leadership role in the House, that may be possible. Indeed, he is sure he can bring the issue to the forefront. If he is unsuccessful, Cross says he would take the extreme approach and ask the courts to enforce the constitutional provision for a balanced budget. The state could use more transparency and discussion over its budget and financial condition. The Daily Herald endorses Cross.
In his campaign for Illinois Treasurer, Tom Cross has been pushing the public to support the idea of an "Honest Balanced Budget" and we think it is a good one.  You can join the movement to enforce a balanced budget by signing your name to the letter here:  http://www.honestbalancedbudget.com/.
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