Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Who Is Kirk Dillard?"

Over at his blog, OneMan ticks off the latest developments in the Governor's race (including the IEA Endorsement and the Rutherford problem) and then ponders who exactly *is* GOP Gubernatorial candidate Kirk Dillard?  

We think it is a fair question and one worth exploring.  OneMan does get at least one answer:
Well as someone who has given money to Rutherford I can tell you that isn't happening. Might have happened with 'old' Dillard (still regret not voting for him last time), but now I am not too sure who Dillard is (well besides Jim Edgar's former Chief of Staff). It isn't the IEA endorsement that causes me concern, as much as it doesn't seem to mesh with a guy who is supposed to be as conservative as he seems to want to present himself as now. I know some good, strong social conservatives who are supporting Dillard. More power to them, don't agree with them on everything but they tend to be consistent. Not sure why Dillard is more appealing to them than Brady this time, but again social issues really are not my yardstick.
Nice zinger in there with the Edgar line...
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