Monday, March 10, 2014

Bruce Rauner Campaign Micro-Targeting Might Need Fine Tuning...

Political watcher and suburban Republican OneMan points out that either the guys in the Rauner 'Cave' haven't fine tuned their targeting capabilities, or they underestimated the pull with the return of Cosmos.  Either they're discounting the 'nerd' audience in the ILGOP or they're not paying attention to external dynamics.

From his blog:
Dear Bruce Rauner, not sure how much micro-targeting you are doing... 
But inviting a guy like me to participate in a call with you when Cosmos was about to start shows there are bugs in the system.
Memo to Bruce Rauner's team:  We're not as masculine as OneMan, so consider our window of 'unavailability' for such calls to be during 'The Bachelor' on Mondays, please.  
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