Thursday, March 13, 2014

IL Treasurer's Candidate Tom Cross Announces 'Women for Cross'

Tom Cross - candidate for Illinois Treasurer - announced yesterday the first coalition from his campaign:  Women for Cross.  You can check out the other coalitions being formed for Cross for Treasurer here on his website

The list of women standing with the Cross campaign is a blend of elected officials and non-elected women.  They've also launched a Facebook Page which they're inviting people to join:  

Women for Cross is being lead by Chairwoman Pat Fee of Aurora.

From the Tom Cross campaign:
The Tom Cross campaign for Illinois Treasurer unveiled the coalition “Women for Cross” today. “Women for Cross” is a grassroots organization made up of Illinois women who want to see Tom Cross elected as the next Illinois Treasurer. 
Chairwoman of the coalition, Pat Fee of Aurora, said that Cross is the right candidate for Treasurer and that the coalition will work to get Cross elected. 
“Women for Cross is a group of civically minded women who are committed to working hard to get Tom Cross elected as our next Treasurer,” said Fee. “We have just recruited our first 100 members and we will continue to work and grow until the election. Tom Cross is the right candidate for Illinois families.”

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