Sunday, March 16, 2014

Illinois *Can Be* Next. With the Right Candidates

With their last megaphone (The Sunday Editorial pages) here, the Chicago Tribune tried to - once again - alert Illinois Republicans to take action on Tuesday.  

There's nothing but the future of our our party at stake, guys.

If you're a Republican, though, Tuesday's election is about nothing less than the future of your party — and of Illinois. Democrats dominate Illinois politics because they've shaped messages that attracted the most voters. Given the state of this state — its economy, its public finances — many of those Democrats should be vulnerable. But Republicans haven't consistently offered voters strong candidates pushing strong alternatives to the status quo.
We couldn't agree more.  We're reminding voters to cast their ballots for these three on Tuesday.

Ron Sandack for State Representative
Ed Sullivan Jr. for State Representative
Doug Truax for United States Senate
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