Monday, March 24, 2014

Illinois: Worst in the Midwest for Jobs. Take a Bow Governor Quinn

Take a bow, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.  You've taken Illinois from middle-of-the-pack when it comes to 'jobless' numbers to second to last in the nation and worst in the "midwest".  You can see our previous post - which includes a map showing the jobless rates (meaning...the rate at which people without jobs has gone up or down.  In our case, it...went up.  Not a good thing.).

A fine line from Jack Dorgan:  
“Pat Quinn’s five years in Springfield have given us a broken budget, the biggest tax hike in Illinois history, and dropped our state to the bottom of the barrel on jobs. Businesses and families are leaving our state. We need a change, because we can’t afford four more years of Pat Quinn."
You'll hear that question a lot in these coming months:  Can we afford to keep these guys running Illinois?
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