Monday, April 7, 2014

Jack Franks Is Crazy Like A Fox. A Senior Citizen Vote-Hunting Fox

Democrat State Representative Jack Franks moved a piece of legislation that on it's face seems nice:  lower the cost of hunting/fishing licenses for senior citizens.  

There are details to who can participate and who this impacts, but the most important thing to know is this: people over the age of 75 always get out and vote.

A guy who is a Democrat running in a known Republican district with lots of outdoors areas?  We'd guess that plenty of those cranky old Republicans are gun guys.  What's a good way to get on their side - while still being true to the Democrat principles of gun control measures?

Give them a break on their licenses!  Brilliant!  Seems like a tailor-made vote-getting-opportunity.

Well played, Jack Franks.  Well played.

From the Associated Press:
A proposal that would lower the cost of fishing and hunting licenses for seniors is moving through the Illinois Legislature. 
The House passed a measure on Friday that would lower the cost of licenses by $1 for those 75 and older. Those hoping to save a little money must also be enrolled in the Benefits Access Program with the Illinois Department on Aging. 
The proposal also eliminates the fee to receive pheasant, furbearer, and habitat or migratory fowl stamps for hunters. For fishermen, the fees for inland trout and salmon stamps are eliminated. 
Marengo Democratic Rep. Jack Franks is sponsoring the legislation that he says will ensure seniors can enjoy the state's outdoors.
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