Friday, April 4, 2014

Join the Fight to Stop the Tax Hike, Illinois!

Illinois candidate for State Treasurer Tom Cross has started a movement that asks all Illinois residents to stand up and let the State Leadership hear that we need to put a stop to the proposed income tax hike.

You can sign the Stop The Income Tax Hike Illinois Petition here.

From the Illinois Review:
Four years ago, Illinois taxpayers were told that the state's finances were so badly in arrears that all that could salvage the mess was a short-term revenue jolt. Mom and pop drug stores, small town doctors and private nursing home owners were mortgaging their homes to front business costs and salaries while they waited months for the state to pay stacks of unpaid invoices.

The situation worsened until lawmakers were backed into a corner on a state income tax hike. The only way they could sooth irate constituents was to promise the 67% income tax hike would sunset in 2015. But the spending increased and bills weren't caught up. Now Illinois finances aren't significantly better, despite state's cash windfall.
Tom Cross and his staff will be delivering a list of Illinois voters who have signed the petition to Governor Pat Quinn, Speaker Mike Madigan, and Senate President John Cullerton.

From the Tom Cross for Illinois Treasurer site:
Three years after Governor Quinn and Senator Mike Frerichs supported Illinois’ record-setting 67 percent income tax increase, they now are seeking to extend its expiration date indefinitely. Governor Quinn has asked the General Assembly to permanently enact the tax increase that was set to expire on January 1, 2015, but before that vote happens, Tom Cross, the Republican candidate for state treasurer, is asking Illinois families to sign a petition demonstrating their opposition to the extension of the tax increase. 
“Three years after the Quinn/Frerichs 67 percent income tax increase, incomes have shrunk, poverty rates are up, job opportunities are fewer, taxes are higher, but education funding is lower and our bills are still unpaid,” said Cross. “In fact, last year alone, taxpayers paid over $318 million in late payment fees for our unpaid bills.”
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