Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hello Mike Frerichs and Campaign Staff! Glad to Have You Aboard the Truth Team!

What a nice early Mother's Day present for us here at the Truth Team!

What is that present, you ask?

It is that - during a radio interview this week, our favorite latex salesman Illinois Treasurer's candidate, talked about how he reads the Illinois Truth Team.  We've been watching in the site analytics and noticing a lot of repeat visitors from Springfield and Champaign (as well as Chicago...'hi guys!'), so we've been operating under the assumption that our guy has been reading our stuff. we know!

As posted on the News-Gazette and on the Dave Gentry and Elizabeth Hess show, Mike Frerichs talks about how we're getting under his skin.

Take a listen to his own words.'s the transcript below.

Guess what guys?  We're winning.  Yeah...there's an old adage in politics that is:  if you're explaining, you're losing.  Mike having to talk about the nonsense we're putting up means we're getting to him.

And with that ego, that's totally expected!  Let's keep it up.

Transcript of Mike Frerichs Radio Interview

Interviewer: "Mike as you move forward with your campaign, are you finding that - i mean i read editorials about you in our very own News-Gazette, and some comments in the paper - what do you say to your detractors that are - how do you handle some of the negative publicity, negative detractors?"

Mike Frerichs: "I don't think you can focus on that, and I think there are some people because of partisanship are going to find problems with you, they're going to attack you. One of the blogs I was being attacked for posting too often on Facebook. I like people to know where I'm going to, who I'm talking to - it's funny, you didnt see those people complaining about our current treasurer when he posted on facebook - you realize a lot of them are partisan-motivated. You can't let it drag you down, you just have to keep your eyes focused on things you can control and on things you want to do, and hope the people will see the difference."

Interviewer: You mean that some complaints are partisan?

Mike Frerichs: "...I get that, I've been involved in this business for awhile. It can be tough when people call you and say "i cant believe what I just read about you" - its coming from our opponents campaign, its coming from someone with a partisan agenda, you can't believe it - do your best to get out, give the message, that's all you can really control and you develop a little bit of a thick skin in this business."
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