Wednesday, June 25, 2014

@CapitolFax Notices How "Tax Hike Mike Frerichs" Ducked The Debate #quack

Over on the Capitol Fax blog, Rich Miller takes note of how Mike Frerichs 'ducked' out on the first debate of the Illinois Treasurer's race and even gives everyone an idea:  what about a duck costume??!?
Meanwhile, could yet another underpaid “actor” in a silly fowl suit appear on the campaign trail? From a press release… 
Tax Hike Mike Frerichs Ducks Debate 
Refuses to Defend his Tax Hike Votes and New Service Tax Plans 
PLAINFIELD…Democrat Senator Mike Frerichs ducked out of the first scheduled debate between himself and Republican Tom Cross. Frerichs had agreed to participate in the debate, hosted by Bill Cameron of WLS, but then ducked out. 
* And, yes, you can buy goofy duck costumes 

#quack #quack, Mike Frerichs.
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