Friday, June 27, 2014

Mike Frerichs is "Tots" Running for "Treas", Guys...

Voters doing a search for our favorite latex salesman Candidate for Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs on the Google come face to face with what either is another in a long string of errors coming out of his campaign or a super weird attempt to win over the "vocal fry" crowd.

We think it is pretty 'obi' that he's trying to win the young folks over, amirite?

By now, you've likely heard people use the term 'tots' for totally.  From the Urban Dictionary:

We know that the 'vocal fry' community is a super important constituency for Mike Frerichs.  Why else would he be prattling on so much on Facebook?  And...all this talk about "ducking" out on debates this week?

That isn't a problem, you know.  All the rage these days is the "Duck Face" in selfies.  By 'ducking' out on the debate, Mike Frerichs is just pandering to the 'Duck Face' crowd.  Duh.  If you were more tuned in you'd know these things.

But...the capper on the whole thing?  We all know that Mike is desperate for attention, but how can he connect with these other folks who are so enamored with themselves that they take selfies and post them on Instagram with dozens of #hashtags?  What can a political candidate do to demonstrate their commitment to the cause?

You get hip by shortening the name of the office you're running for!

It would be so "awks" to have to say the whole thing, right?  Let's shorten it to "Treas".  Nice work, Frerichs Team.  That's micro-targeting at it's best!

You'll tots make a fetch Treas, Mike.

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