Monday, June 30, 2014

Signs Of Life From The Mike Webster for Secretary of State Campaign

After four months of no activity on the official Mike Webster for Illinois Facebook page, there was some action:  they updated their cover photo with some new red/white/blue imagery.  If you check out his Twitter handle (where...we'll be honest...he's been a bit more active) the imagery matches up.  Thus....we here at the Truth Team are thinking this is his go-to-market iconography.  Looks like he's ditching his blue and gold scheme that is still on his site.

Good for him and we have to think this bodes well for his campaign:  they're getting organized, looking more professional, and getting active.  (at least we're assuming that this new logo will stick.  If you look closely at his Twitter handle, there is a recent photo of Webster with some supporters hold walk pieces.  They have the 'old' logo on them.  Just left-overs from the primary?  Hopefully.)

Now, we know that this campaign against incumbent Secretary of State Jesse White isn't going to be on Facebook and Twitter and the web alone.  But...we need to make sure as a Party we field a strong slate of folks all the way and down the ballot to encourage every voter to give our Republican candidates a strong look.

We'll be doing our best to spotlight news and issues that Mike Webster's team bring to light.  Let's have an honest debate about the office and discuss the issues that matter to voters.

Go get 'em Mike.
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