Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Tax Hike Mike Frerichs" @MikeforIllinois Shrinks in Size: Ducks Out on First Debate

News from the Tom Cross for Treasurer campaign this morning:
Democrat State Senator Mike Frerichs ducked out of the first scheduled debate between himself and Republican Tom Cross. Frerichs had agreed to participate in the debate, hosted by Bill Cameron of WLS, but then ducked out. 
Even with Mike Frerichs’ absence, Tom Cross showed up on Friday to discuss his plans for Treasurer for the WLS news show Connected to Chicago, including his focus on balancing the state budget, cracking down on fraud and corruption, and ending the failed policies of Quinn/Frerichs. 
Tom Cross on the recent state budget approved by Mike Frerichs:
“…as blatant an example of an unbalanced budget as I’ve ever seen..” 
Tom Cross on the Frerichs’ plan to implement a service tax:
“…when you come along and say let’s extend the income tax or say let’s do a service tax then you are doubling down on failure...” 
Tom Cross on goals for Treasurer Office:
“..if I am fortunate enough to be elected my goal will be: one to balance the budget and if that means going to court as we talked about, we’ll do that, and the other area I want to focus on is fraud and corruption…” 
Mike Frerichs? He didn’t show. He ducked.
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