Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Attention Republicans: There's A New LincolnReport.com In Town

Those of you looking for your regular Illinois political news and views fix with a conservative bent, you now have an embarrassment of riches.  You likely already get Dave Diersen's 2x daily emails chocked full of news items (and plenty of commentary from Mr. Diersen) from around the state and web, but now Lennie Jarratt - who you may know from his time with Champion News - has opened up his own Illinois political link farm at http://lincolnreport.com/.

Seems like a nice complement to Diersen's work in the trenches sourcing stories for Republicans around the state.

The Lincoln Report - with a massive H/T to Matt Drudge - has sections of links based on areas of interest including the Governor's race, corruption, the Constitution, Illinois politics, and business.

Jarratt's done a nice job thus far of keeping the site fresh.  But...our only request is to put some 'weight' behind certain stories/pieces.  Help curate the site a bit more by highlighting more than one piece (like the one at the top).

We'll be watching and (hopefully) sourcing some story ideas from the Lincoln Report.

And...maybe they'll even do us a 'solid' and list the Illinois Truth Team amongst their "Illinois Bloggers and Sources"?!?
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