Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Democrat Mike Frerichs Deletes Fundraiser Tweet With More Errors

Social Media can be a huge asset for political campaigns by marshaling voters around a common cause and candidate.  

It can also be a huge liability.  As evidenced by the Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer Campaign, they keep making more mistakes and their campaign continues to really show their 'amateur hour' stripes.

The most recent example was a Tweet put out by Mike Frerichs and deleted pretty quickly (you can't find it on his Twitter Timeline  Check it out for yourself.  This was posted yesterday afternoon, but based on the errors, it looks like the Frerichs campaign deleted it).   

To promote a fundraising event the Frerichs Campaign was hosting called "A Pre-Democrat Day Fundraiser", Tax Hike Mike Tweeted out this image that has some 'cute' names for various levels of sponsorship that relate to the Illinois State Fair.  

But..apparently...they REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted folks to pick the "Lemon Shake Up" level, right?  That can be only reason they listed in three times on the invitation?  

We suppose that at least they're learning, as someone at the campaign wised up and deleted the Tweet.  (but..not before we were able to grab a screenshot!)  Guessing something new about this event will go up today.  We'll be watching.

But...we have to ask:  Does nobody proofread this shit down in Champaign?  SRSLY.  

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