Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Democrat Mike Frerichs Proposes A Tax On Yoga in Illinois

Yes...Mike Frerichs wants to add on a whole new State of Illinois service tax on your yoga classes.  You get nothing extra for the additional payment you'll have to make.  

And the same holds true on manicures and pedicures.  Mike Frerichs doesn't want to rein in spending.  He'd rather you all pay more for your everyday services.  "Luxuries" he might call them.

Things like haircuts.  And nail salon visits.

And on so much more.  Go read the full list over on OvertaxedIllinois.com.

Some Truth Team readers wanted to share their thoughts about "Tax Hike Mike's" proposal and how he'll fare in November.  Great minds think alike as we were sent two almost identical memes.  Why not share both, right?

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