Friday, July 18, 2014

Did Sheila Simon Really Comment On A 'Child Of A Politician' Working At SIU?!?

Wait a Illinois Comptroller Candidate Sheila Simon (the child of a 'famous' Illinois Politician) really trying to make some hay out of Judy Topinka attempt to get her son a job teaching at SIU?

Looks that way based on this Facebook post from Lt. Governor Simon:

All we have to say is...

Let's take a quick peek at Sheila Simon's biography courtesy of Wikipedia.  Hmmm...she's the daughter of Former US Senator Paul Simon.  So...let's check off the box for "offspring of famous politician".

Now...where or where did she work?

If you said SIU - the very same place Judy Topinka was talking about - you'd be right!  *ding* *ding* *ding*.

We don't think the irony here in Illinois politics can get any thicker than this...  (but...election season isn't quite here yet, so who knows!)

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