Monday, July 14, 2014

DuPage Chair Dan Cronin Out With 2104 DuPage County Budget Survey

DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin is out this morning with what he's calling the '2014 Budget Survey' which allows residents to weigh in on 14 questions in an online survey.

Survey takers will be asked to rank (not in order of importance mind you) which current County service is important.  (We think there's a better way to ask this question, but whatever.  At least they're asking their residents what matters to them, right?)

It also asks residents to 'guess' which portion of their property tax bill goes to the county.  This will likely lead to a better understanding of how taxpayers 'view' the County.  Good question.  Then finishes with some demographic questions.

From the email:
The County Board and I are beginning discussions that will shape the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget.

Do not miss your chance to weigh in; participate in this year’s County Budget Survey. Our goal is to work together to create a financial plan that truly meets the community’s needs and funds our most vital initiatives. During this time, your thoughtful feedback concerning which programs are working, not working, or need improvement is crucial.
I encourage each of you to participate in the process and take the survey. Click here to take the 2014 Budget Survey.
Go take it, DuPage.

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