Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Frerichs Flatlines": Campaign For Treasurer Fundraising Drops As Support Erodes

Campaign fundraising totals are driving the narrative of the Illinois Treasurer's race this morning here in Illinois as Democrat Mike Frerichs' campaign continues it's downward spiral.  After repeated gaffes, unforced errors, and silly mistakes, the Democrat's fundraising effort took the brunt of the pushback from voters and advocacy groups around the State of Illinois.  Folks like Congressional Candidate Ann Callis - who have been begun to be dragged down by all the Frerichs campaign goofs - have started to distance themselves from "Tax Hike Mike".  More are certain to follow.

His fundraising took a big hit this quarter:
Democrat State Senator and candidate for State Treasurer Mike Frerichs saw his campaign donations drop by 24 percent this quarter compared to the first quarter, a sure sign that support is dwindling for a campaign that has suffered through some vivid flip-flops, unforced errors and harsh criticism for his support for job-killing policies, including a new service tax.
And 'big momentum' is on the side of his opponent, Tom Cross:
“The flip-flops, missteps and mistakes by the Frerichs campaign coupled with the Senator’s call for a service tax on Illinois families resulted in donors leaving his campaign and a very weak fundraising performance,” said Artl. “In contrast, the Cross campaign continues to hold substantial leads in polling while significantly out-performing Frerichs on fundraising this quarter. Momentum is clearly with Tom Cross heading into the final months of the campaign.”
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