Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reminder: Mike Frerichs Wore a Suit To "Rebuild" Gifford

Governor Pat Quinn and State Senator Mike Frerichs were out doing a victory lap yesterday in Gifford where the State of Illinois is helping clean up after a devastating tornado.

But Mike Frerichs wants you to know he's one of you and he's proud of you.  From the story in the News-Gazette:
Added Frerichs, who grew up in Gifford, "Those of us who grew up in small towns, we weren't that surprised to see neighbors come out to help neighbors. I guess what surprised me most was the definition of neighbors in this state. There were people from Gifford out helping and people from Rantoul and Danville, but there were also people who came from greater miles away.

"They showed up with a pair of work gloves and said, 'Put me to work. I want to help out because even though it's not my town, it's not my immediate neighbor, people wanted to be part of this rebuilding process.'"
Emphasis, ours.

Note that he said *they*.  That's right... *they*.  Not *we*.  Why?  Because...Mike Frerichs, State Senator and Candidate for Illinois Treasurer couldn't be bothered to lend a hand amongst the 'great unwashed' masses actually participating in the Habitat for Humanity build.  Nosiree.  He's too important for that.

But...he wasn't too important to show up for the photo opp, though.  Hell...it made GREAT Facebook posting, right Mike?

When he did show up though...guess what?  He was wearing a full suit.  Yes...a suit.  To a Habitat for Humanity Build.  Full Truth Team post on the topic here.

Mike Frerichs "Rebuilding Checklist"

Wearing work gloves?  Nope.
Being put to work?  Nope.
Helping out?  Nope.
Taking some silly photos and posting them on Facebook while wearing a suit?  *ding* *ding* *ding* Yep!
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