Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We're (Letter To The Editor) Famous!

Over in the Madison County Record, Terry Redman, the Chairman of the DeWitt County Democrats decided to write a Letter to the Editor regarding our little blog and the impact it is having on the election.  Pretty awesome to consider this fact:  A little post we wrote her on the Illinois Truth Team caused a reaction on two campaigns (Mike Frerichs for Illinois State Treasurer, Ann Callis for Congress) and a Democrat County Organization (DeWitt County).  

It’s unfortunate that the Truth Team resorts to yellow journalism in order to ridicule well qualified candidates that are running to represent the hard working people of Illinois. This is particularly disturbing when there was a self-described American Horizon Republican “fact checker” in the parking lot verifying the arrival of our guests. These type of false attacks are what is ugly with politics, and what stops good people from running for office. Maybe the Truth Team should consider changing their name to the “Spin Team.”
Well, Terry Redman...Thanks for the note.  Here's our response:

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