Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's Good For The Goose: Bob Dold Calls on Brad Schneider To Release Tax Returns

It isn't just the 'big kids' in the Governor's race between Governor Pat Quinn and Republican candidate Bruce Rauner who are calling on one-another to release various data points including tax returns for some of the candidates.

Now, former Congressman and current Congressional Candidate Bob Dold is calling on his opponent - incumbent Congressman Brad Schneider - to do the same thing:  release his tax returns.

In fact, the Bob Dold campaign has published an online petition urging Schneider to release his tax records.   You can add your name to the petition here:  http://doldforcongress.com/tax-returns/

With the tag line:  "If he's going to raise taxes on you, then we should know what taxes he pays", the campaign is up on Facebook encouraging supporters to join the cause and generally trying to make hay of the issue.

With all the media attention paid to Bruce Rauner's situation, we think this is a fair play - and a smart move - by the Dold for Congress campaign.  Voters are already tuned into this type of news and he'll be able to score some points.  On the flip side, the district is very affluent.  We're sure that there are folks up there in the North Shore who can sympathize with a guy who doesn't want to air his dirty laundry (or in this case, likely...less 'dirty' laundry and more like 'gold plated' laundry!)

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