Friday, July 18, 2014

You Had Us Worried There For A Bit, Illinois Legislative Republicans

We have to admit that we had our concerns with all the pushing that State Represenative Ron Sandack, State Representative David Reis, State Senator Bill Brady and State Senator Jason Barickman were doing on the Legislative Audit Commission this week.  In light of the request from the US Attorney's office, we thought things would (politically speaking) work themselves out by mid-October, right before the November election.

We worried that this would turn into a political witch hunt and that the public would think it was just partisan politics and tune out.  The reality here is that we're dealing with a very serious situation:  $55M of taxpayer dollars were squandered.  We do deserve to find out.

But...we were concerned.  Sure..we're all eager.  We, too, saw the big prize just dangling out there in front of us.  But...too eager?  We thought we were headed for this:

That guy flew a little too 'close to the sun'.  Got a little too eager.  And guess what? He got tossed.  We didn't want the GOP side of the Legislative Audit Commission to 'get tossed'.

Thankfully, it appears things have netted out exactly where they should:  there's a federal investigation into the NRI program.  And, about 3 weeks before Governor Pat Quinn will be asking voters to give him four more years, we'll start to get even more answers about this scandal-ridden program and who was at fault.
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