Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bruce Rauner Pushes Forward With "Conservationists Coalition"

We've long held that being 'for' the environment can and should be an issue 'owned' by just about every Republican candidate up and down the ballot.  So, we're glad to see Bruce Rauner come out with his own group of Conservationists supporting him.  
Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner and running mate Evelyn Sanguinetti today announced the launch of the Conservationists for Rauner Coalition.

The coalition consists of a broad range of community and political leaders who endorse Rauner for Governor.

“As Governor, I pledge to the people of Illinois that I will conserve and protect our natural resources. I firmly believe that we can utilize our vast natural resources in this State to enhance our quality of life and still maintain those resources for future generations,” Bruce Rauner said. “I will not allow the business as usual approach of wasteful spending and mismanagement to continue under my administration. My administration will partner with our citizens because we all have a stake in this.”
“Conservationists have watched the natural resources of this state be decimated and buried under backroom deals and sacrificed for political expediency for 12 years. Budgets were cut from existing programs only to then have fees raised to try and bring DNR funding back to a respectable level,” Tim Sickmeyer said. “We are faced with having dedicated funds swept for newly created programs. This State has to learn that you can’t have something new when you aren’t paying the bills for what is already owed. The people of Illinois are the losers in this deal. Bruce Rauner will restore fiscal integrity and help make Illinois a great place to live.”
The group includes: Mary Jo Trimble, Mike Kepple, Larry Closson, Brent Manning, Neal Graves, Wayne Rosenthal, Tim Sickmeyer, Richard Mottershaw, Glenn Sanders.
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