Friday, August 22, 2014

More Comment Moderation Problems - And Frank Questions - For The Mike Frerichs Campaign

We just wrote about the Mike Frerichs' campaign issue with dealing with donor's questions as it relates to his property taxes, but an eagle-eyed reader sent us this screenshot from earlier in the week on Mike's Facebook wall.

This isn't exactly the story you want to tell folks when you reach out to them.  That's the problem when you have a bunch of novices running your digital/social media team.

You see...what happened here is that the Frerichs Social team decided to 'boost' their post.  That means they put some paid media dollars behind it.  But...the issue you have to deal with is targeting.  You can't just run rough-shot over the great masses.  If you do, you'll get responses like this.  Thus...making your spend A LOT less positive.

Not to mention...every time you 'boost' or promote a post, there will likely be a shitshow of negative comments.  We'll be sure to try to screen cap those and share them here.  And...if we're not able to do it, we're sure some of our 'tipsters' will be right there for us.

Bring it on!
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