Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rauner/Quinn Is The Most Expensive Political Contest In Illinois History

From the sounds of it, there isn't going to be a time when voters will turn on their tv and NOT see a Rauner or Quinn ad this fall.  Those down ballot folks like Congressional races in the NorthShore are going to be in a tough spot because their message will get drowned out.  They better go up soon with whatever they have or they risk being shut out in October.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and opponent Bruce Rauner have collectively spent more cash this election cycle than any other governor's race in recent state history. 
Crunching the numbers, the Chicago Sun-Times reports a 335-percent increase in campaign spending for the period between the March 18 primary to the end of June, when the Chicago Democrat and the Republican venture capitalist blew through $8 million early into an increasingly hostile battle for Springfield's highest office. 
By contrast, Quinn and then-GOP challenger Bill Brady shelled out a collective $1.8 mllion during 2010's gubernatorial match-up.
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