Thursday, August 21, 2014

Some Advice For Congressman Brad Schneider: Beware Of "The Frerichs Vortex"

Over on Twitter yesterday, everyone's favorite latex salesman walking gaffe candidate for Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs posted a 'Happy Birthday' message to Congressman Brad Schneider.

We have a little piece of advice to Brad Schneider:  Get as far away from this guy as possible and avoid "The Frerichs Vortex" at all cost.

Don't believe us, Congressman?!?  Just ask Ann Callis.  She's running for Congress just like you.  And all Frerichs has done is pull her into a voter registration scandal and part of a laughing stock story about social media and campaign events.

Whatever you do, don't get too close to Mike Frerichs, Congressman.

The Frerichs Vortex is strong, folks.  Beware of it. It'll pull you down in an instant.
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