Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Another Mike Frerichs Blunder: Proposes A Plan That Already Exists In Illinois

As we alluded to earlier today, the typos, mistakes, and errors that are sprinkled throughout the "Eco-Ag" infographic that the Mike Frerichs for State Treasurer campaign put out are just a VERY small part of the overall issue with what Mike Frerichs is proposing.

And...this bigger problem really speaks to his lack of knowledge of what the Illinois Treasurer actually does.  We have to ask, "Does Mike Frerichs really know what it take to be Treasurer?"

The details:  Turns out, the signature "Eco-Ag" proposal that the Frerichs campaign spent the summer designing is in fact rendered moot.  As in...it already exists.  There's no reason to spend a minute discussing the efficacy of the program.  Zero.

For some color, let's turn to this weekend's edition of the Springfield State Journal-Register where we find out - via a confirmation from the current State Treasurer's office - that EVERYTHING...yes EVERYTHING that Mike Frerichs has proposed is ALREADY in place.
“Mike Frerichs’ lack of knowledge of the office he seeks to occupy is nothing short of staggering. Time and again the Democratic State Senator has exhibited a disturbing level of unawareness that should deeply concern Illinois voters,” said Kevin Artl, Cross for Treasurer Campaign Manager. “His last miscue? Frerichs announced a new program for farmers, that already exists. This comes on the heels of Frerichs calling for a divestiture of Illinois’ investment in Israel, which followed a litany of other gaffes. A clear indication of how someone will perform in office is reflected in how they conducted themselves previously, and thus far, Frerichs has demonstrated a penchant for loving every tax increase that crossed his desk and tripping all over himself on the campaign trail.”
So...let us get this straight:  The same guy who didn't know that the only foreign investment that the State of Illinois makes is in Israel is the candidate who proposes a program that already exists?

Thanks for wasting everyone's time here, Mike.

Also...*this* is why people are cynical about politics:  everyone thinks that candidates just make stuff up.  Turns out, in Mike Frerichs' case: it is true.
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