Thursday, September 11, 2014

DuPage County Voters Overwhelmingly Say "NO" To Taxpayer Funding of Obama Library

We just posted the full results of State Representative Ron Sandack's 2014 legislative survey for his district out in DuPage County.  You can see them here.

We wanted to take a moment to break down a few of them, starting with the responses on taxpayer dollars being spent to build the Barack Obama Presidential Library.

The survey data:
The second question posed to residents was “Do you support the use of $100 million in IL taxpayer dollars to help build the Obama Presidential Library in Chicago, IL?” Only 9.3% of the respondents supported using taxpayer funds to offset the cost of the library, while an overwhelming 85.63% of respondents answered “no” to using taxpayer funds for the Obama library. For this question 5.07% of those who responded said they were undecided.

86% of respondents - and we all know that people who fill out legislative surveys are HARD-CORE folks - say no to taxpayer dollars?  That's about as strong as a message as a legislator can get, no?
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