Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jeb! Jeb! Jeb! (He's Coming To Town To Fundraise With Bruce Rauner)

Nice pick-up for the Bruce Rauner campaign as everyone's favorite Bush is coming to town to support his campaign for Illinois Governor.  

From Greg Hinz @ CCB:
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is coming to Chicago later this month, an action likely to both help GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Rauner fill his campaign coffers and to boost speculation that Mr. Bush is interested in running for president in 2016.

An invitation sent out by the Rauner campaign late today says Mr. Bush will star at a Sept. 18 luncheon at the Hilton Chicago, 720 S. Michigan Ave., for which tickets will go at up to $5,000 a head.

Team Rauner isn't saying how much it expects the event will draw, but at prices like that it easily has to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Gotta think there's a SuperPAC in it for the Jeb for American campaign down the road, right?  
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