Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mike Frerichs Hasn't Updated His Website Homepage Since January

We've been watching and waiting and watching and waiting.

And guess what?  Mike Frerichs - who is running for Illinois Treasurer - has been too busy flailing away with his selfies on Facebook to bother updating his own campaign website since January.

Take a peek at his homepage located here and you'll see this blurb right there in the middle:

So...he's still hoping that he will 'earn the support of voters to be the next Democratic nominee for State Treasurer'?

Maybe this is just a defense mechanism?  When he eventually loses to Tom Cross, he was just going to point to his own website and say:  "nope.  All I ever wanted was to be the Democrat nominee!"

Chalk it up as another not-ready-for-primetime example from the Mike Frerichs' campaign.
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