Friday, September 26, 2014

Mike Frerichs Introduced An ALEC-Drafted Fracking Bill in 2012

That's right.  Mike Frerichs - the same guy who is trying to make an issue of the illuminati some organization that nobody really understands in the Treasurer's race - actually introduced an ALEC-drafted fracking bill back in 2012.  It was SB 3280.

And...he didn't just introduce it, he flacked it too.  He had this to say about it:
The sponsor of SB 3280, Senator Michael Frerichs told the Associated Press, "I think no piece of legislation makes everyone happy," but "I think we've struck a nice balance between the concerns of environmentalists and new industry."
Facts are a terrible thing to have to deal with.  Especially when you can't remember your *own* voting record.

Gotta reset the 'Days since Mike Frerichs made a blunder' counter.
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