Monday, September 22, 2014

More Reaction From Inside Mike Frerichs' Inner Circle To The Downward Trajectory Of Their Campaign

We were just shared this footage of the campaign manager for Mike Frerichs.  It is his reaction to getting the 'double whammy' of seeing Democrats abandon the sinking campaign like rats off a drowning boat coupled with Rich Miller over at Capitol Fax's coverage and comments about Frerichs' opponent Tom Cross polling very strong in Chicago and with independent voters and what that means for Mike Freichs' ability to win in November (hint...if the polling numbers stay true,he's going to lose.)

Check out the Frerichs campaign manager's reaction to the terrible day they're having down in Champaign today:

We have to say that we can't blame him.  We'd 'hate everything' too if all we were seeing was negative stuff about his candidate.
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