Thursday, September 25, 2014

Reason #5 From Paul Schimpf: He Will Defend Parental Rights On Education

Paul Schimpf, candidate for Illinois Attorney General has released his #5 'reason' to vote for him over incumbent Lisa Madigan and it centers on education.

From the Schimpf campaign:
Republican Attorney General candidate Paul Schimpf unveiled Reason #5 of the 14 Reasons to Trust a Retired Marine in 2014 on WZUS’s Busboom and Wolfe. Schimpf, who is counting down these reasons leading up to the election in November, stated:

“I believe that one of the roles of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office is to limit the intrusive reach of government upon people’s private lives. Accordingly, parents and local school boards should have the right to make educational decisions for their children. As such, I will work to ensure that home school children are afforded the educational opportunities commensurate with those of public school children. As Attorney General, I will aggressively defend the right of parents to educate their children in the manner in which they see fit.”
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