Friday, September 5, 2014

Tom Cross Endorsed By Illinois State Chamber in Treasurer's Race

The latest news out of the Illinois Treasurer's race isn't  - for once - a gaffe or mistake from Mike Frerichs.  Nope.  Not this time.

It is that one of the biggest and oldest business organizations in Illinois has decided to get involved in the race and endorse Tom Cross.
The Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, one of the oldest statewide business organizations in the nation, is issuing its first ever endorsement for the office of Treasurer and is backing Republican candidate Tom Cross. Illinois State Chamber of Commerce CEO Todd Maisch said Cross’ commitment to balancing the budget and fighting corruption will serve taxpayers and employers well. 
“Tom Cross has distinguished himself as a leader in the fight for responsible, accountable government,” said Maisch. “As House Republican Leader, he fought for common sense lawsuit reform, worked to reduce burdensome regulations and vigorously opposed the Quinn income tax increase. Tom Cross is exactly the type of Treasurer we need to protect taxpayers. Cross’ plans to demand a balanced budget, and take on corruption and fraud are among the reasons we took the historic step of endorsing him for Treasurer.”
Now, every business owner and operator who plans on voting this fall knows that one candidate in the race for Treasurer will be on their side: and that's Tom Cross.
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