Thursday, September 4, 2014

Trib's Kristen McQueary Nails Governor Quinn On His Minimum Wage Stunt

Wow.  We here at the Truth Team haven't seen a piece hit back at a candidate as well in a long time. 

If you're tuned into the Govenor's race here in Illinois, you likely saw what we think is quite a take down this morning.  

Over at the Tribune Tower, Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Member and journalist Kristen McQueary (You might recognize her from such things as @StatehouseChick on Twitter) utterly dismantles Illinois Governor Pat Quinn's latest stunt where he is trying to 'get by' on minimum wage.

And does it in hilarious fashion.   Kudos to her for sharing the farce that Governor Pat Quinn has brought to the voters. 

From the Tribune:
To commemorate the state of affairs in the Illinois governor's race, tonight's dinner will be saltine crackers dunked in tap water. 
Sad trombone, please. 
Don't feel sorry for me. I have cabernet on standby. 
If you must pull a violin bow, do it for Gov. Pat Quinn — who is demonstrating his solidarity with low-income workers by living on the minimum wage this week. It's the latest fad among liberal-leaning politicians — tweeting pictures of their cafeteria-style pasta dinners, as if we care.
And there's more.  She asks the pointed question of which candidate is really out-of-touch in this race?
Trust me: A single mother struggling to pay rent, taking a bus and a train after work to buy groceries, setting aside $10 in quarters to drag clothes to the laundromat, worrying about new shoes for the kids for school and hoping the state comes through with her child care subsidy is not buying Quinn's "poor me" routine. She's probably muttering two other words. 
So remind me: Who's the out-of-touch candidate in the governor's race? I'm starting to get confused.
Emphasis ours. And she end's with one of our favorite questions? #WhichIsWorse?
They know that economic growth raises wages organically. Look at North Dakota, which has the lowest unemployment rate in the country due largely to a fracking boom. A Wal-Mart recently advertised it was hiring entry-level workers at $17.40 an hour. That's the free market dictating that Wal-Mart needs to pay higher wages to attract quality workers, not government jamming higher wages down businesses' throats. 
We know all of this. The politicians know all of this.

Yet the focus remains on raising the minimum wage and fawning over politicians who agree to eat crackers for dinner.
If you don't support a higher minimum wage, you're characterized as heartless.
But if you do, you're cavalier about the underlying problems of low-wage earners. "Just throw them a few extra bucks." 
Which is worse? Which is more elitist?
The full story is worth your time.  
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